「2048」Realized via HTML + CSS + JavaScript



This project is a stage test held by our BluePrint Association to test our JavaScript level.

2048 is a classic game, which contains 4×44 \times 4 chess board and lots of numbers.

The codes

What I really want to talk about is the move function, because I wrote the movement of 4 directions into 1 function.

I find the mapping from column and row to number, via function numf, can be changed according to directions.

Just to change colunm and row of a pieceBox when calculating its number, and let the sequence of 4 directions respectively change into 1 direction.

So that 1 algorithm in 1 function can be suitable to 4 directions.


Well, the project better my JS level to some degrees, and I am proud to finish it. But I didn’t use those magic grammars of JavaScript.

It is a shame that I failed to add some animates.And the function isOver can be more efficient.